PlayStation Classic Price Cut By 40% in Amazon Boxing Day Sale

The PlayStation Classic has already received a sizeable price cut on Amazon, with the retailer’s Boxing Day Sale seeing the mini console’s price being slashed by 40 percent. Despite having only been released at the start of December, the console can now be picked up for just $59.99 compared to its original $99.99 price tag.

This is a sizeable reduction considering that the PlayStation Classic went on sale earlier this month. With many having likely picked up the console as a gift over the Holiday season, it’s surprising to see it promptly being available for far less than its original asking price.

Sony hasn’t revealed the exact number of PlayStation Classic units the company has shifted, though this isn’t exactly optimistic news for the system. With many having complained about the mini console’s steep price point and poor emulation of certain games, it could be that consumers were dissuaded from picking up the hardware at launch.

In comparison with Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles, which were in high demand long after their respective launches, the PlayStation Classic receiving a price cut this early suggests it hasn’t been as successful a venture as Sony would have wanted. Comparatively, the SNES Classic still retails for the same price it did at launch, with it being even more expensive in some instances due to stock shortages.

While this isn’t being advertised as a permanent price reduction, similar sales have also been deployed elsewhere, with the likes of Walmart also posting the same deal for Boxing Day. This could suggest that the PlayStation Classic will have its price permanently reduced in the near future, so those who picked up the system at launch will likely be kicking themselves that they didn’t wait a little while longer to grab it for $60.

With Sony stating that it won’t release any more games on the PlayStation Classic in the future, this price cut won’t affect any future support of the console. If you’re interested in picking it up, now’s the best time to do it. Get 40% off the PlayStation Classic on Amazon right here.

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