The Division PlayStation Plus January 2019 Is Asia-Only, Rest of the World Misses Out

The lineup for the PlayStation free monthly games was announced yesterday and it’s one that may leave some European and American fans a little sour. Because The Division PlayStation Plus January 2019 is only available for players based in Asia. It’s the second month running that the Asia PS Plus games have featured a strong lineup, with December offering players Gravity Rush 2 and God Eater 2.

The PS Plus Asia lineup features of a couple of big-name Ubisoft titles, with the winter sports romp Steep and The Division being available for free come January 2019. The lineup looks all the stronger when you compare it to the titles that European and American players will be getting in the January free games. Fair enough, everyone will be getting a copy of Steep, but players outside of Asia will have to make do with getting the Minecraft-esque adventure game, Portal Knights, instead of the military shooter.

It’s a bit of a sucker punch for European and American players, especially after The Division was released on the Xbox Game Pass a while back, meaning that pretty much everyone has access to the game as part of a subscription apart from the majority of PlayStation players. And while the different lineups may seem a little unbalanced, Portal Knights does offer a fair bit for you to do. The game offers a huge world that you can explore by yourself or with your friends either online or with split-screen play, perfect timing for the terrifyingly cold weekends that January offers.

And it’s not the first time that PlayStation Asia has received an arguably far stronger PS Plus lineup compared to European and American players. December’s lineup saw Gravity Rush 2 and God Eater 2 available for free for players in Asia, while European and American players got the thinking man’s horror game, SOMA, and arcade racer Onrush.