You Can Play the Unreal Engine Remake of Ocarina of Time’s First Dungeon

The fan remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is moving along nicely. Right now, fans can make their way through the opening of the game and even complete the first dungeon in this Unreal engine remake of Ocarina of Time.

PC Gamer reports that CryZENx has made this loving recreation available for download for fans to experience for themselves. Unfortunately, thanks to limits on Google Drive downloads, link is down at the time of this writing but hopefully, it will be back up soon to try these first few moments of the remastered classic.

If you can’t wait that long, have a look at this 25-minute video that was also released showcasing everything from those first few moments as Navi flies through the forest to meet Link to the first boss battle deep within the Deku tree.

Looking at the video, it seems Link’s moveset is mostly intact. This includes not only his general movements and attacks but also some of the awkward first-person aiming and targeting from the original game.

There’s a little bit of roughness to the overall look and animation but it’s undeniably an incredibly loving Unreal Engine remake of Ocarina of Time. This unofficial version of the game gives us a peek at what the game could look like on modern consoles in a way that has more detail than the 3DS remake.

How long this project will be available, however, is also something to question. Nintendo is fairly well known for being protective of its intellectual properties and has successfully shut down other fan projects in the past.

That being said, CryZENx is also working on a Super Mario 64 remake in the Unreal Engine which adds fan favorite characters including the newest internet heart-canon, Bowsette. It doesn’t seem that CryZenx is too worried about potential repercussions for the time being.