Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Might Be on the Way

A handful of tweets has sparked rumors of Call of Duty Ghosts 2 being this year’s CoD title. The rumors come as a result of some fairly strange tweets from the Infinity Ward community manager. If the rumors do turn out to be true it would mean that we aren’t getting a Modern Warfare 4 this year, after speculation about a return to the series was rife in 2018, though we could still see a Modern Warfare 2 Remaster.

The tweets were bought to light in a Reddit post where Infinity Ward’s community manager, Ashton Williams, regularly tweet curious pictures of ghosts. And when you look at Williams’ timeline a little closer you see, well, quite a lot of ghosts. In fact, Williams’ history of ghost-tweeting dates all the way back to the end of November 2018, though it’s only recently been linked with what Infinity Ward could be working towards this year. And if the tweets are indeed clues which seems more likely than Williams being a big fan of ghosts, then it looks like all the signs are pointing to Infinity Ward returning to the Ghosts universe this year.

The speculation of what Infinity Ward is working on this year was pointing to a return to the Modern Warfare series before Williams’ tweets were spotted. And to be fair, while a return to Modern Warfare would be a far more popular move, Ghosts’ story did end on a pretty major cliffhanger that fans have been having to deal with being unanswered for a little under six years.

As for whether Infinity Ward’s new project is the only Call of Duty title we see this year remains to be seen. The fact that 2019 marks the ten year anniversary of Modern Warfare 2 has got a fair few fans thinking we’ll see a remastered version of the iconic shooter this year. Rumors were floating about regarding a Modern Warfare 2 remaster last year, though we could be going back to another CoD franchise if these (not so) cryptic clues ring true.