Massive Dark Souls PC Mod Released, Overhauls Entire Game

A massive Dark Souls PC mod overhauling the entire game has just been released. Daughters of Ash is a re-imagined and expanded version of FromSoftware’s 2011 classic. The mod is especially exciting for fans of the series, as it reintroduces some content cut from the original Dark Souls.

The Daughters of Ash mod was created by modder Grimrukh for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC. The mod introduces new game progression, altered bonfire locations, additional events, new boss battles, several cut enemies, characters with their own quests, items, mechanics, secrets, and more. Some of these secrets supposedly enhance the game’s lore as well.

According to Grimrukh, the creator the mod, Daughters of Ash has about twice the content of the original game. Similar to the original, a lot of that content will require multiple playthroughs to see. Grimrukh introduced no new assets to the game, but instead modified and reworked the content that was available to overhaul the game. No multiplayer is supported, and playing online can break the game immensely for all involved.

The mod is a relatively easy install, asking players to run the UnpackDarkSoulsForModding tool and then the Daughters of Ash install. It is incompatible with every other Dark Souls PC mod, except the essential DSfix (which comes included).

Grimrukh said they plan to bring Daughters of Ash to Dark Souls Remastered on PC sometime later this year. The Dark Souls PC mod feels akin to Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, which remixed and added new content to the second game in the series. Scholar of the First Sin is an official version of Dark Souls II that moved enemy placements, added new items, and introduced more story content to the game.

Daughters of Ash is available now through Nexus Mods for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die on PC.