Catherine PC Release Teased on By Bayonetta Steam Page

Catherine PC release may be coming in the near-future. A mysterious clue has been posted to the Steam News page for Bayonetta, providing a subtle hint that PC gamers may be getting their hands on a delightfully strange game sometime in the near future. The Steam news post in question is simply an image of a sheep with the title “Baa”. No, really.

It makes sense in context, believe me. Sheep play an integral part in the mythos of Catherine. A good portion of the game centers on sleep and “counting sheep” is a long-held traditional remedy for getting to bed. (They’re also fluffy, like pillows!) The bar where a lot of the game’s scenes take place is called the Stray Sheep. Lastly, sheep are featured as enemies and NPCs in a number of places throughout the game world. Therefore, a sheep being posted on the Bayonetta Steam page has a good chance of being a hint towards a Catherine PC release.

There’s a little more to it than just that, of course. The Bayonetta Steam news page is no stranger to making weird posts that seemingly allude to another game. A February 2018 example shows an ASCII version of a character from Puyo Puyo. One day later, the official announcement for a Puyo Puyo Tetris PC port was made. Going by this logic, it seems like this strange image of a sheep is teasing a potential Catherine PC release.

Thankfully, we have more clues than a mysterious picture of a sheep. The Australian equivalent of the ESRB rated something called Catherine Classic in the latter days of 2018. The ESRB rating for the game has also been updated to include “Windows PC” as one of the many platforms the game is available on. A game rating organization specifying a platform for a game is often a pretty solid indication that something is on the way.

The combination of a derpy sheep and two countries publishing ratings makes a Catherine PC release seem all the more likely. One might wonder whether or not we’ll be getting all of the neat content that’s coming to Catherine: Full Body, but it certainly looks like we’ll be dodging deadly sheep on PC in no time flat.

[via Gematsu]