Twitch streaming record broken by Path of Exile Player

Norwegian Twitch streamer Zizaran broke streaming records over the past month. They broke the 30-day Twitch streaming record having streamed over 500 hours in just one month. Zizaran beat the previous record by over 100 hours, and that record was only set a month prior.

Zizaran streamed 505 hours and 26 minutes over the course of 30 days, nearly all while playing Path of Exile. The previous record was set by streamer Giantwaffle at 402 hours and 57 minutes, giving Zizaran a healthy lead over his competition. To reach that number he had to stream nearly 17 hours every single day — and some days he did nothing but stream. Some of his longest streams over the month were 30-hour Path of Exile marathons.

To celebrate Zizaran’s achievement, Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games gave away supporter packs for the game. Zizaran’s longest stream from the past month was nearly 39 hours long, and kickstarted his month-long record-breaking run.

Zizaran spent more than two-thirds of the last 30 days streaming Path of Exile to thousands of viewers around the world. Of the last 30 days, only 215 hours were available to the streamer to eat, sleep, and do everything else human beings need to do to survive.

Zizaran began streaming back in October 2015, and has grown to become a full-time streamer with Counter Logic Gaming. He reached over 170,000 followers on Twitch over the last 30 days, and was regularly one of the most viewed Twitch streams as well.

The Path of Exile: Betrayal expansion also happened to release the same day Zizaran began his Twitch streaming record run. The expansion was probably immensely helpful, as it brought a bout of new content to the five year old action RPG.

Twitch itself had a record-setting year with over 140 million monthly unique viewers, 15 million daily users, and 2.2 million monthly broadcasters. Simultaneous viewership on Twitch is also over 600,000 according to stats given by Twitch. Zizaran didn’t pull quite those numbers, but his impressive — and likely hard to beat — record isn’t going anywhere soon. Probably.

Image Credit: Twitch/Zizaran