Frank O’Connor is ‘extremely happy’ with Halo Infinite multiplayer

While the next Halo title from Microsoft and 343 Industries, Halo Infinite, is still a long way off, some of the game’s multiplayer modes are apparently playable in some form. Halo Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor has played the Halo Infinite multiplayer, and he says that he’s “extremely happy” with how it’s playing right now. However, of course he expects it to keep changing between now and release.

O’Connor took to Twitter to talk about the game and how it’s currently shaping up, in response to a tweet featuring a video talking about Halo 3‘s multiplayer and the successes and failures of the Halo series since that game. While he notes that he is “extremely happy” about how Halo Infinite multiplayer is playing right now, he admits that he’s enjoyed “every flavor” of Halo so far, so humorously calling himself a “filthy casual.”

If you don’t know him, Frank O’Connor is the Franchise Development Director of the Halo series at current developers 343 Industries, and was previously Content Manager for Bungie when that studio was still working on Halo. In the Twitter thread, he also talks about balancing player style and expectations, and admits that the “perfect” Halo game probably exists as an average of all styles and content, but that Halo Infinite is unlikely to just be an average. He does, however, add that “I’m super confident and enthusiastic about how Infinite team is approaching both evolution and legacy.”

Other than Frank’s comments, we don’t really know much about Halo Infinite at all so far, let alone the multiplayer. We know it will have split-screen support and customization similar to Bungie’s last Halo game, Halo Reach. It will also be the first FPS game in the series since Halo 2 to appear on PC, and despite the shoddy porting of that game (it was a Windows Vista exclusive, and is difficult to play now) Microsoft insists that the PC platform will be treated like a “first-class citizen.” Let’s hope.