Mad Box looks like it’s getting closer to reality

Mad Box development will be ‘easy” according to Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell. One week after the reveal of his studio’s concept for a console, the CEO of the company behind Project CARS is confident that developers won’t have too hard of a time making games for their system. He states in a tweet that the Mad Box will be “very easy to develop for” and that it will have “no excessive out of pocket expense”. That’s certainly something for potential indie devs to look forward to! He also adds that their upcoming cross-platform engine should also make it “very easy” to make games for other platforms.

One concern Mr. Bell addressed in his discussion about Mad Box development was the possibility of listening devices. With the recent Alexa GDPR leak mishap late last year, the possibility of your devices capturing private audio is a very real concern. Thankfully, he states that it’s “safe to say” that there will be no such devices within the Mad Box in a tweet.

As we learn more details about Mad Box development, Mr. Bell continues to pepper in statements about the financial side of things. At the moment, three large conglomerates have reportedly expressed interest in funding Slightly Mad Studios’ console project in its entirety. Slightly Mad’s CEO also indicated that Nvidia is a “strong option” for a potential partner.

Another item of interest shared by Ian Bell is some other concepts that didn’t make the cut. Have a look at some of the other propopsed possibilities for the console:

Mad Box development

A series of three tweets (first, second, third) showcases other possibilities. The rightmost “cube” option was probably best avoided considering that it evokes the image of the Ouya, a console that had a troubled development. The top-most image could be viewed as a little too plain. The only real contender here for alternate options is the bottom design. It appears to include a built-in LCD display that could show information about what the console is doing.

Mad Box development continues as Slightly Mad Studios continue talks with investors and settle the details about the console’s components. None of the images we’ve seen today—header image included—represent the final product, although it looks like the first “vertical M” design we’ve seen is the strongest contender. The Mad Box seems like more of a reality with each passing day and it could very well be a game changer.

[Images credit: Ian Bell / Slightly Mad Studios]