EA refuses legit Star Wars Battlefront refund for no good reason

EA, the perennial “worst company” of video games has angered yet more consumers. One Redditor is now stuck under EA’s corporate boot as they’re being denied a legit Star Wars Battlefront refund for seemingly no good reason.

Redditor Papamje has been sharing their plight over the last few days as their refund has continued to be denied. Papamje purchased Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition on the Origin store for €15 (~$17.30) on January 2 but found the multiplayer-only game’s servers to be empty. As a result, Papamje went to refund the game.

EA’s “Great Game Guarantee” refund policy has three stipulations for refund requests: be made within 24 hours of you first launching the game, within 13 days from when the game was purchased if you have not launched the game, or within 14 days of a game’s release date if you pre-ordered the game.

Papamje filed their refund request within 24 hours of launching the title, which should put them directly in the policy’s clearly stated grace period. The first customer service rep told Papamje that it had been more than 24 hours since launching the game even though the ticket was filed before that time limit. Upon hearing that, the customer service rep said that the policy means 24 hours after purchasing the game. The Redditor quoted EA’s policy directly, but EA support simply said, “we are not able to refund this game.”

Over the next few days, Papamje kept their Reddit post updated with chat logs with at least five different representatives. These people often contradicted each other, some saying they could tell when the game was first launched while others said they couldn’t.

Now days later, Papamje still hasn’t gotten their refund. They’ve reached out to EA through Twitter and other channels, and someone at EA said they’ll take personal ownership of the refund. Papamje said on Reddit that they’re pushing for this so hard because otherwise EA will keep doing this to customers.

EA, for its part, has responded, stating: “We are further looking into this and will let the player know directly what can be done.”