New EVGA sound card revealed, despite the year being 2019

A new EVGA sound card was announced by the tech company that is perhaps best known for producing graphics cards. The EVGA Nu Audio Card is the product of a partnership between EVGA and the UK company Audio Note which has more than three decades of experience with producing audio hardware. The pair hopes to target a certain area for high-end PC gaming rigs: the sound card.

Head back in time 20 years or so and a sound card was a component that needed to be slotted into your computer’s motherboard just like a graphics card. Much like modems and ethernet connections, the sound card has since evolved to become an integrated component of your motherboard. However, this can’t always deliver the same sound quality that you could get with a dedicated device. The EVGA sound card seeks to change that dynamic by creating a high-quality device that will improve your listening experience in much the same way that their high-end graphics cards can bring out the best in gaming.

The EVGA sound card will have 3.5mm line-in and mic-in ports and a 6.3mm headphone out port. An RCA L/R stereo out is also available. If your sound system is a little more high tech, worry not—there is also an optical out via TOSLINK Passthrough. The Nu Audio can output 2 channels in analog and 5.1 channels digitally. You’ll need a free PCIe Gen2 slot and a SATA power port to get this card running. It isn’t all about the hardware, though—EVGA is also including a robust software suite. If you’re one of those geeks that like’s to tune your equalizer just right, the EVGA Nu Audio Card has got you covered.

We don’t yet know what the EVGA sound card will cost. High-end sound cards can cost anywhere from $50–$200 these days, so you should probably expect it to fall within that price range. For now, we do know that it’s set to come out on January 16, 2019. Keep your eyes (and ears) open for the Nu Audio!

[via EVGA]