The new HyperX headset changes sound as you move

new HyperX headset is on the way with an interesting technological twist: sound changes as you move. It’s one of several new offerings that the Kingston’s peripheral company has debuted at this year’s CES and detailed in a press release. The Cloud Orbit headset makes use of Waves NX head-tracking technology in order to provide a more realistic sound experience. In essence, turning your head should change how you hear sounds as if you were in the middle of a 3D experience much in the same way as VR head tracking currently works.

Other companies have certainly tried to do the whole head-tracking audio thing. Heck, there’s even a simple add-on device for any headset that makes use of the technology made by the same company that’s integrated the technology into the new HyperX headset. There are a few solutions out there that similarly integrate head-tracking technology for better audio, but the Cloud Orbit is aiming for a pretty decent price point. The Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S should be retailing for $299.99 and $329.99, respectively. Each of these devices will be backed with a one-year warranty.

The new Hyper X headset isn’t the only fresh kit debuted at CES by the company this year. The HyperX Quadcast Standalone Microphone (retailing at $139.99) is coming in March and aims to be a budget-friendly solution for streamer and gamers looking to move up from a headset mic. Also new this year is the HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB Gaming Mouse (retailing at $59.99) coming sometime in the second quarter of 2019. This new peripheral has 11 programmable buttons and sensitivity settings up to 16,000 DPI so you can land those precision headshots.

While a new mic and mouse seem cool, the real game-changer here has got to be the new HyperX headset. The Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S sound like they might bring something new and interesting to the gaming scene without draining your wallet. You’ll be able to get your hands on either of these headsets sometime in the second quarter of 2019. If you don’t want to wait, you can check out the company’s other offerings on their website.