New BioShock game 2020 release date estimated by Pachter

new BioShock game 2020 release date has been predicted by industry analyst Michael Pachter. It wouldn’t be a big surprise to see a new game in the BioShock franchise, but this particular prediction comes with several caveats. He may very well be correct on this one as there are additional sources that suspect there is a new game in development, but we don’t have anything concrete just yet.

The most recent core BioShock game was BioShock Infinite which came out way back in 2013. It certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable to hear that there’s a new BioShock game 2020 release date planned. However, the person making the prediction is industry analyst Michael Pachter. As an example, he correctly predicted that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 would be releasing a battle royale mode. Then again, what game hasn’t released a battle royale mode these days? He has a mixed track record, so it’s advisable to take the new BioShock game 2020 release date with a grain of salt. To Mr. Pachter’s credit, a Kotaku analysis of his 2013 predictions for 2016 shows that he got more right than wrong.

Interestingly, Mr. Pachter’s prediction isn’t completely isolated. Rumors abound that there is a new game in the franchise in development. A Kotaku piece on the development of Mafia III also happened to note that several anonymous developers were aware of a project in the BioShock franchise code-named Parkside. According to these sources, it’s being created in the Unreal engine with some past members of developer Hangar 13. They were also reportedly recruiting others from the industry left and right to get to work on this unannounced project.

So, is there any truth to the new BioShock game 2020 release date? A prediction from Mr. Pachter alone isn’t enough, but the rumblings from industry people surrounding Hangar 13 gives us the sense that there might actually be something here. As always, we’ll unfortunately have to wait until there’s a leak or we get some kind of official announcement.

[via Unilad]