Surprise! Your new Xbox Game Pass games are two of the best threequels around

The folks over at Microsoft have decided to surprise Xbox Game Pass subscribers with a few new games. Those new Xbox Game Pass games for January 2019 are some of the best threequels around with Just Cause 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 available now.

The news comes straight from the horse’s mouth on Twitter. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download and play these games right now, just as long as their membership is active.

It’s not all good news, as a number of games will be leaving the service soon. According to the Xbox Game Pass app, four games are scheduled to be leaving soon: The Division, Letter Quest Remastered, Riptide GP: Renegade, and The Escapists: The Walking Dead are on their way out. However, no specific date was given when they will leave the service, though you can expect it towards the end of the month if previous outgoings are any indication.

This is the second batch of new Xbox Game Pass games added in January. Life is Strange 2: Episode 1, Farming Simulator 17, Absolver, and Ark: Survival Evolved have all made their way to Microsoft’s all-in-one game subscription service. Aftercharge, a new 3v3 multiplayer shooter, launched with Game Pass on January 10.

The Xbox Game Pass library hosts over 100 games playable on Xbox One consoles. Those games include a host of legacy Xbox 360 titles, new games, and Microsoft-developed titles. Xbox Game Pass subscribers are also privy to further discounts on games in the Game Pass library with a base 20 percent discount.

Xbox Game Pass is a $10 a month subscription, with a $1 first month promotional price for new subscribers. The service has “millions” of subscribers according to Xbox head Phil Spencer, who also plans to bring the service to PC.

Just Cause 3 was developed by Avalanche Studios and released in 2014. The title was mired by performance issues at launch, although many of those problems have been handled in post-release patches. That’s not to say it’s perfect, although Xbox One X users experience better performance. The open-world explode-em-up is a joy to traverse using Rico’s grappling hook, wingsuit, parachute combination.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 released on Xbox One in March 2017, following its original release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011. The crossover fighting game features Marvel superheroes including Spider-Man and Wolverine, and Capcom characters such as Akuma and Chris Redfield.