Epic Games receives ‘F’ rating from the Better Business Bureau

While Epic Games has been riding a wave of success with the massively popular Fortnite, not everything is sunshine and roses for the growing company. The Better Business Bureau has slapped Epic with an ‘F’ rating, citing its failure to answer a large number of consumer complaints.

The BBB, a non-governmental agency in the United States that focuses on marketplace trust, is officially warning consumers about Epic Games. According to the report, the BBB has 279 total complaints about the game company. And out of those 279 complaints, 247 have reportedly gone unanswered.

The report also says that a majority of complaints have been regarding customer service, particularly refund or exchange issues. Two quotes from the report indicate unsanctioned and unauthorized charges.

“There is no phone number or proper email response time to return my unauthorized charge of $160. Nobody will answer, and I feel cheated,” one of the complaints said.

Epic Games has grown dramatically in the last year primarily thanks to Fortnite, which has garnered massive success and revenue for the company. Back in July the company were estimated at being worth around $8 billion. Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney has also seen massive profits since Fortnite’s launch: he is now worth around $7.16 million, putting him ahead of Valve’s Gabe Newell.

With Fortnite’s massive success, Epic Games has been able to open up its digital store, the Epic Games Store. It’s most-touted claim to fame is an 88/12 revenue split, giving developers much incentive to release their software on Epic’s storefront. As a result, many game and game developers have jumped on board, with some even giving exclusivity. The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s PC version for example will be an exclusive, while Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is also skipping Steam, launching on the Epic Games Store first.

The BBB has said that they have tried to contact the company on “numerous occasions,” but Epic has yet to respond.