Ridiculous ‘Waluigium’ petition aims to add Waluigi to the periodic table

A Waluigium petition is attracting thousands of diehard Waluigi fans. The petition asks the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry to add this Waluigi-inspired element to the periodic table. Element 119 (temporarily named “Ununennium”) is the targeted element that, in these fans’ ideal word, Waluigium would replace. The new Waluigi element would be complete with Wa or Wl identifiers.

User King Creeper posted the Change.org petition over a month ago, almost immediately earning himself 500 signatures. Progress since then has been a little slow, but a recent surge via Reddit has allowed the petition to almost reach the 2,500 goal.

King Creeper hopes that “renaming Ununennium to Waluigium most likely will create a responce [sic] from Nintendo.”

Despite closing in on that pretty lofty goal, there is obviously no guarantee that the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry will take any notice of the petition.

Ever since it was confirmed that Waluigi wouldn’t be part of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, which contains a huge number of characters and surely room for this tall purple boi, fans have been showing him increased levels of love. Memes have appeared around the internet celebrating Waluigi’s personality and condemning Nintendo for not including him.

While I appreciate the love for Waluigi, as I too am a fan, I have to wonder if Change.org is really the place for this kind of thing. Using the platform for comedic purposes could be seen as inappropriate, as many real people needing real help use Change.org to accept donations. With that said, if this Waluigium helps drive new faces towards the site, I suppose the attention could be appreciated.

Here’s hoping Nintendo recognize the outcry from fans and include Waluigi in all future Super Smash Bros titles. Clearly he is a beloved character that many want to see added to Smash Ultimate and beyond!