You can’t watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending at launch

The various Kingdoms Hearts Twitter accounts have released a post-launch schedule for the game and it looks like the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending won’t be available from the off. There’s a total of three updates, including the secret movie, coming to the game after its immediate release, most of which are being held back to combat the string of leaks that surfaced for the game late last year.

The schedule will kick off on the game’s release day, that being January 25 for Japan and January 29 for everyone else. The first patch will introduce the Memory Archive option to the game, a short video that explains the series’ convoluted plot as well as it can. If you think that you’ve understood the game’s plot and don’t need a reminder, in which case bravo, then you won’t have to watch the recap as it’ll be an optional movie.

The next patch, arriving on January 26 for Japan and January 30 everywhere else will introduce the game’s epilogue. Unlike the game’s secret movie ending, the epilogue will be avaialble to everyone who finishes the game. Similar to previous titles, we’re guessing that you’ll have to sit through all the credits before you get to watch the epilogue.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending will launch on January 31 for all players, a move that should mean no-one is able to spoil it either accidentally or purposefully for other players in different regions. The secret ending will only be able to be seen when players have completed the game along with extra requirements that need to be completed. We’re not sure what these requirements are yet, but the tweet outlines that the conditions for the secret ending will differ based on which difficulty you’re playing on. In previous titles, these have included players 100 percenting all world, including finding all treasure chests, maps, and completing all sidequests.

As you’d expect, all these patches will arrive as free downloadable content. And while it’s a move that works out for minimizing spoilers leading to the game’s release, it does mean that in the rare case a player has no access to an internet connection whatsoever, they’re going to be left out in the wild it seems.