Customizable Steam DLC browsing pages added in stealthy new update

Several new updates have made browsing Steam DLC easier than ever before. New customizable DLC pages present game content in a smarter, easier to understand way. Valve rolled out the update earlier today, highlighting the importance of the change.

A new blog post detailed the Steam DLC page updates. Steam now offers up sortable, featured pages of a game’s DLC now all in the same place. Previously, each piece of downloadable content had its own page on the store, and would not easily link to other DLC for the game. Game pages had lists of DLC, but the process of browsing it was manageable at best.

Valve noted how important the new customizable DLC pages are for games with a lot of extra content. Fantasy Grounds, for example, has over 1,100 individual pieces of content available. The tabletop RPG application now has easily browsable collections of content, with lists themed for different rulesets and settings.

The new dedicated DLC pages automatically come with lists of top selling, new releases, upcoming, and discounted content. Developers can make custom lists and feature DLC packs on game pages, as well as the dedicated DLC pages.

The new pages have received some criticism for being clunkier than the previous, compact lists on game pages. One Reddit user noted that browsing Rocksmith‘s song catalog takes significantly longer, as each browsing page only showcases 10 pieces of content at a time. Without a compact view, or search option built-in, users have to slowly browse hundreds of DLC in 10 items at a time. Using Steam’s standard search function remains easier at finding specific content and for viewing a lot of content at once.

The more developers engage with the new DLC pages, as the developer of Fantasy Ground has done, the easier it will be for users to engage with. As it stands, it’s a bit of a mixed bag at the moment but a decent gesture in the right direction.