Data website Symthic’s forums shut down, site currently in archived state

Symthic, a website that conducted data on the Battlefield series of games and Call of Duty: Ghosts, has had their forums shut down, though people associated with the website says the site in general is still up despite being in an archived state. A visit to the website shows a notice on top of the page that Symthic was shut down on January 11, and what remains is an archive from January 12.

However, there appears to be conflicting stories regarding the fate of the website. A Reddit post written by someone who is in touch with the Symthic team says that Curse, who provides hosting for Symthic, has decided to shut down only the forums. According to the poster, this was enough of a surprise that even leaders of the site were caught off guard by the move.

The Reddit post continues to say that the website itself will continue to be open “for the foreseeable future” and is currently reaching out to Curse to find out more information. Weapon data for Battlefield 5 can still be seen, and the site’s Discord is still open.

The website was popular among shooting fans for its data, specifically vehicle and weapon stats for games in the Battlefield series, as well as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall.

Battlefield 5 itself has had problems since its release back in November. A launch party that mocked people who criticized the game for having a woman soldier on its box art weren’t fans of the developers putting their criticisms on a big screen. While some people were not pleased about the move, others defended them.

Despite this, sales for Battlefield 5 have not been strong since it’s release. EA actually had to revise their projected earnings for 2019 based on the game’s slow start. Beyond the previously mentioned criticisms, players also thought that the single-player campaign was lacking and were disappointed by the delay of the battle royale mode, which is now slated to come out in March.