Forget about Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo Selects is getting Super Mario Maker and more for the 3DS

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to dust off your trusted 3DS and start using it again then you’re in luck, because a string of new Nintendo Selects titles have been announced offering a trio of objectively standout titles from across Ninty’s back catalog. You’ll also be able to pick up these games as part of a new bundle that includes a 3DS system.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nintendo Selects, it’s basically the same deal as the PS2’s platinum games lineup, in that they’re hugely popular titles that are being sold for less. Well, “less” is probably a subjective idea, as the new selection of 3DS titles that include Super Mario Maker, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, and Star Fox 64 3D are all going for $19.99.

That might seem a little steep considering that two of those titles originally debuted on the N64, with Star Fox 64 launching in 1997 and Majora’s Mask releasing in 2000. And while both games have been put through the HD ringer, not much else has been changed with them otherwise. If you did miss Majora’s Mask the first time around, then it’s well worth picking up, offering a much darker tale in the Zelda timeline that sees Link looping through time (fair enough, he does that a lot), and mixes in a terrifying bunch of characters.

Mario Maker offers a fair amount of bang for your buck too, with the premise being that you’re able to build your own Mario levels or play through a catalog of levels created by other players, and there are some absolute bastard hard ones in there.

If that new lineup has got you thinking about picking up a 3DS then you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo has also announced a new lineup of console bundles to celebrate the latest additions to the Selects collection, which you can see here.