New PSVR demo has 9 games, including Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss

Do you remember the demo disc of yore? A slick little diddy packed with playable slices from upcoming games. Those demo discs disappeared into the void generations ago, but now with new PSVR demo “discs,” a renaissance may be upon us. Sony dropped a new PSVR demo “disc” that includes slices from nine popular PSVR titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss.

Polygon noticed the demo “disc” pop up in the PlayStation Store earlier this week. The new PSVR demo disc is the third of its kind, and while they aren’t discs at all its great to see hand-picked demos bundled together. The roughly 12GB download includes a chunk of nine games from a variety of genres.

  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • Battlezone
  • Headmaster
  • Job Simulator
  • Kitchen
  • Moss
  • Superhot VR
  • The Persistence
  • Thumper

All are packed together in the PSVR demo sampler. Job Simulator and Superhot VR require PS Move controllers, while the other games are playable with a DualShock 4.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission has become a VR darling, garnering rewards and high praise since releasing in early October 2018. The 3D platformer utilizes VR in unique ways, with players controlling a third-person camera and separate character.

Moss is another standout for the demo disc, as another highly rated VR title from 2018. Another 3D platformer with puzzle elements, Moss was released in February 2018. Players control the mouse Quill with traditional controls, along with a first-person character integrated into the world.

Kitchen may be remembered as a Capcom-developed VR title, teasing Resident Evil 7 over a year before that game was announced. The PSVR demo disc is one of three on the PlayStation Store, with one releasing nearly every year. The first “disc,” which was also printed physically and came with PSVR headsets, includes a wider range of titles including some that are found in the latest demo sampler. The second sampler follows a similar route, with some new titles mixed in with VR demos available by other means.

PlayStation VR launched in October 2016 and has gone on to sell over 3 million devices total. PSVR sales have been backed by solid first and third-party games such as Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Superhot VR.