Days Gone open world trailer shows off heart-pounding action

The Days Gone open world trailer is here and it gives us our first look at some intense action that players can expect to see in this upcoming game from SIE Bend Studio. We get more than two minutes of action-packed gameplay showing a mix of motorcycle riding, (literally) explosive combat, and the occasional bits of stealth. The sheer hordes of freakers on display make for a truly terrifying obstacle for players to overcome.

We get to see a variety of different regions throughout the Days Gone open world trailer. One particular point of interest is that the snowy areas will make the freakers “stronger and more dangerous”. We can infer that some of the regions are probably targeted towards players later in the game. The weather of each region will have other effects on the game as well—for example, the rains in the Northern Cascades will make trails muddy and present a more challenging driving challenge.

Another highlight is the varied locations of the enemy human encampments. Much like games in the Just Cause or Far Cry franchises, players will have to adapt their tactics to the unique scenarios that each of these enemy encampments will present. In total, Days Gone will have six different regions for players to experience.

The intensity of the action showcased in the Day Gone open world trailer is perhaps best highlighted by this poignant quote from the narration:

The world of Days Gone is breathtaking. You’ll be tempted to stop and look out at the lush valleys, the many rivers and waterfalls—but don’t. You’re not a tourist here. You’re fighting to survive.

Days Gone is the most recent game from SIE Bend Studio, a developer that is known for their work on the Syphon Filter franchise as well as a couple of the Uncharted games for the PS Vita. This will be their first major release since 2012’s Uncharted: Fight for Fortune for the PS Vita. Days Gone will launch for the PS4 on April 26, 2019. In the meantime, you can watch the Days Gone open world trailer for yourself below.