Metro Exodus weapons trailer shows on-the-fly weapons customization and more

The new Metro Exodus weapons trailer takes us on a guided tour of the game’s post-apocalyptic arsenal. The trailer shows off the four main categories of weapons available in the game and even gives us a quick look at how quickly weapons customization can be done. Metro Exodus marks a big shift for the series, introducing semi-open world segments that offer a lot more freedom in how you play.

And to help with that “play your way” feel to Metro Exodus, the game’s weapons trailer shows how each piece of gear available to you can help fit your style, whether that be up close and personal with a shotgun or a long distance sniper. First up in the trailer’s showcase was the humble Handgun. The trailer explains that the two Handgun types, The Bastard and the Revolver, both of which are customizable in the game. We saw some footage of a Revolver’s fire rate being increased, turning it into a pretty decent bit of gear.

We also saw how Shotguns were recreated for this new-look Russia, with the four-shot Ashot and the devastating Shambler returning from previous games. Both are, as you’d expect, suited to close combat firefights. Though you can also mix and match styles, picking off enemies with a Sniper Rifle before moving in with a Shotgun to clear up any stragglers.

Sniper Rifles are perhaps the most intriguing weapons in the list, with the weapon making its first appearance in the Metro series (that players can use anyway). There seems to be only one model available if the trailer is anything to go by, showing the same gun that Anna uses in Metro Last Light and Exodus. It looks set to pack a punch though, with the single-shot model offering a great way to pick off the various troublemakers and terrifying monsters that can be found in the game’s world. Though, when you eventually get shoved underground every now and then, you might want to make sure you have a more appropriate weapon at hand.

We also got a quick look at how the weapon customization in Exodus looks, with the footage showing players changing up their weapon’s look and feel with the push of a few buttons. Crafting is a pretty hefty new addition for Exodus, replacing the trading posts you came across in previous titles, players will now be crafting everything from Med Kits to ammo. And the weapon customization looks set to be a big part of the game, offering you the chance to turn Assault Rifles into long-range weapons with scopes and more.

Metro Exodus will release on February 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC after the game’s release was pushed forward last year.