Nintendo Switch Indie stream scheduled for tomorrow, expect to hear about Pikuniku and more

A Nintendo Switch indie stream has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 23. The stream will begin at 10 PM Eastern/2 PM GMT and can be viewed across all of Nintendo’s social media channels. Nintendo has leaned into the indie market with the Switch with a fairly lengthy list of upcoming titles coming to the handheld console hybrid, we’re not entirely sure what we can expect to see.

We can guess though; Nintendo has a few indie titles arriving fairly soon, with Pikuniku and My Memory of Us both out on January 24, it’s likely one or both will feature during tomorrow’s stream. It’s also a safe bet that Grasshopper Manufacture’s Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will get a bit of attention after recently being released as a Nintendo exclusive. And we’re guessing that we’ll also have to watch a montage or something similar that celebrates all the indie titles that have made their way on to the Switch. I might be worth putting together a bingo card for the stream.

The indie stream is the closest thing we’ve had to a Nintendo Direct show this year. We thought we’d be getting a Direct showing on January 10 but that turned out to be a fake post which fooled quite a few people. And as it’s an indie stream scheduled for tomorrow, don’t expect any update on the new Animal Crossing title or that Luigi’s Mansion 3 that’s in the works.

Nintendo hasn’t given any indication as to when we’ll get the next Nintendo Direct stream, though the indie show suggests that the company is getting back into gear. So, while we might not have a definitive date yet, the stream tomorrow may give us some insight as to when the next Nintendo Direct show will be and it’ll give us a look at some of the lesser known titles blowing up on the Switch and who could say no to that, eh?