Nintendo Direct-esque trailer shows off 2019 indie releases

While we didn’t get a new Nintendo Direct this week, Nintendo fans did get an indie-focused trailer that covers the releases coming out throughout the year. We also got a few announcements of games that were released on the Switch today, with Goat Simulator The GOATY Edition in that list along with a few others. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any indication as to when the next full Nintendo Direct show would be.

Though we did get a first look at some pretty intriguing titles arriving on the Switch this year. The so-bad-it’s-good Goat Simulator arrives on the Switch today, offering a definitive version of the game with its GOATY Edition. See what they did there? It was announced and released alongside new physics-based puzzler, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong from Hugecalf Studios, which sees players trying to send a hapless skier over a host of obstacles, preferably without killing them.

Though the trailer got a lot more exciting when we got a look at what’s in store for later this year. Upcoming sci-fi RPG, CrossCode from Radical Fish Games looks set to offer an adventure that looks a lot like Chrono Trigger. The area shown during the trailer showed off a bit of woodland that looks strikingly similar to a locale in the iconic time-hopping RPG all those years ago. We also saw a snippet of footage showing character hopping along the rooftop of buses, which might be a hint at a similar time-traveling game. CrossCode doesn’t have a specific release date yet but has been slated for a 2019 release on the Switch but has been out for a while on PC if you don’t think you can wait for the Switch version.

It wasn’t the only RPG we saw announced in theIndie Highlights trailer, with SteamWorld Quest offering a card-based battle game that looks like it could be worth an extra look, with decent looking art design and a battle setup that looks set to be a fairly in-depth affair. SteamWorld Quest only has a 2019 release window attached to it at the moment.

An atmospheric puzzle platformer, Inmost, also looks like it’ll be worth keeping an eye on. The footage for the game shows off a stylish design the character maneuvers its way past a couple of hench nights before leaping at a giant monster with a sword. The game looks a bit all over the place in a very intriguing way and it’s certainly piqued our interest. Inmost is another game that’ll be released this year, though we don’t have a specific date yet.

And while the lineup is worth a watch, the absence of any new Nintendo Direct info is the sour aftertaste of the Indie Highlights trailer. Nintendo hasn’t given any indication that we’ll see another Direct show any time soon, and there wasn’t anything to suggest otherwise in the trailer.