The Last of Us director reveals his favorite opening video game fight

The Last of Us director Bruce Straley recently took to Twitter to share some thoughts on a game he didn’t work on. But while he was throwing shade on Red Dead Redemption 2 last time, this time he was waxing lyrical about his favorite opening fight in video games.

It wasn’t the fight with The Stranger in God of War; instead, Straley reckons that the village sequence in the opening stages of Resident Evil 4 stands above all other opening fights in video games. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular sequence, it has the player running away from a chainsaw-wielding lunatic who’s got a bag for a head, while a slew of murderous villagers break down doors and windows to get at you.

In his tweet, Straley wrote that the village sequence remains as one of the best “opening fight[s] in any game, hands down. I can’t believe how intense this fight still is!” As you might expect, many of the replies to Straley’s tweet were all in agreement with Straley’s assessment of not only the opening but the entire game.

Though not everyone thinks the same, have a skim through the Resetera thread, and you’ll see messages among the replies saying that Resident Evil 4 is a flawless work of art, while others think that the opening section is the only high-point for the game. And in a rather strange coincidence, it’s a topic we recently covered in our new Don’t @ me feature, where I explained why I thought Resident Evil 4 was, in fact, the worst game in the series (people weren’t very happy about that). So, give it a read and tell us what you think and tell us whether you agree with Straley’s take. Is the opening to Resident Evil 4 the best example of an opening fight in video games?