Playing Fortnite at 30fps puts you at a disadvantage

Everyone wants to blame lag or some other problem whenever they lose a game online, and Fortnite is probably not an exception. However, new data has shown that playing at 30 frames per second really does put some Fornite players at a disadvantage.

A reddit thread (via EuroGamer) gives the details. Apparently, there is lag due to a bug that lies within Unreal Engine 4, the architecture that Fortnite was built with. Players who play at 30fps deal less damage per second than those who play at 60fps.

Digital Foundry has a comparison video you can check out:

The video at one point shows players crumbling a wall. The 60fps footage crumbled the wall in 26.08 seconds, while the 30fps video collapsed the wall at 27.52 seconds. Not a giant gap, but enough that it could affect gameplay.

That isn’t a problem for those who those who play at 60fps, like on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. But there’s no option to play at that frame rate speed on the Switch or lower-end PCs, leaving those players at a significant disadvantage while playing against cross-platform players.

In a statement to EuroGamer, developer Epic Games says it’s working on a solution.

We’re aware of this issue and are investigating a fix,” the statement said. “We’ll update players as soon as we have more information.”

Fortnite was one of 2018’s most culturally significant titles, not just in the video game world but also across the United States. Its December earnings on mobile alone are impressive, grossing $69 million. Throughout all of 2018, Fortnite grossed around $455 million through the Apple App Store.

Both Microsoft and Nintendo were quick to allow cross-platform play following the game’s massive success. Sony eventually caved in last September, allowing all three home consoles to play the game with one another.