Here’s why we don’t have a Kingdom Hearts 3 review

The Kingdom Hearts 3 embargo has lifted today, meaning that a selection of reviews for Square Enix’s highly anticipated JRPG sequel have started to do the rounds online. Unfortunately, we weren’t one of the outlets to have received pre-embargo review code, meaning that you won’t see a review on GameRevolution this week.

We’ve been informed that review code will be in our hands later today, meaning that we should still have our final verdict posted before Kingdom Hearts 3 launches.

So what does this mean? Well, our reviewer and resident Kingdom Hearts aficionado Bradley Russell is poised and ready to dive right into the game as soon as we have our copy. It’s therefore likely that we’ll have a review ready for our readers before the game’s January 29th release date. If you’re holding out for our impressions of the game prior to picking it up, then rest assured we’re doing our best to have you covered.

Keep your eyes glued to GR over the coming days, and hopefully a Kingdom Hearts 3 will magically appear on the site sooner rather than later.