Anthem social hub will be available at release

Bioware has said that an in-game social hub will be available at Anthem‘s launch. The Anthem social hub—known as Launch Bay—was announced by the game’s lead producer yesterday. Fan feedback from the game’s alpha test was in favor of adding a social area.

Michael Gamble, Anthem‘s lead producer, announced the new social hub area on Twitter yesterday. He tweeted, “after a mission, you can head back to Tarsis and catch up with some of the amazing characters we’ve created for you… OR… head back to the brand new Launch Bay, hang out with your friends, use the forge, reload and grab a new contract. Yeah, we listened to you… details soon!”

Many fans noted the lack of a social area compared to similar games such as Destiny and The Division. Social areas like Destiny‘s Tower have been well-integrated into their respective games, with quest-givers and player characters intermingling. The Anthem social hub may be smaller, perhaps at only 16 players max, but it could be integral to giving players a way to connect with each other. As it stood before, the only time you saw other players was out in the game world.

While it seems like an afterthought, Bioware ensures it will be available in Anthem at launch on February 22. The developer will likely continue to add on and expand the Launch Bay, giving players more functionality and things to do in the hub.

Bioware’s Gamble has been at the forefront of fan communication over the last few months. He notably responded to a request for a social area earlier this month, saying “we hear you loud and clear.”

The Anthem social area is just one part of how Bioware is listening to the game’s community. The developer has been relatively open to evolving the game based on fan feedback prior to release, and the hope is they continue to listen after Anthem releases.