Paragon remake Predecessor getting a PC alpha soon

Predecessor is a Paragon remake using some of the assets Epic Games release for free last year. While it is not an exact copy of Paragon, Predecessor looks and feels like Epic Games’ third-person action-MOBA. A small, indie development team is bringing Predecessor to alpha in the coming months.

Omeda Studios is the new indie developer is behind the Paragon remake. The studio currently consists of six people, with assistance from a number of collaborators. Work on Predecessor began in May 2018, following the release of Paragon‘s assets on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Epic Games announced it was moving on from Paragon in January 2018 and officially shut down servers in late April. The game’s dedicated community was saddened by the decision by Epic, as the company brought more developers onto Fortnite. Predecessor is a new chance for fans of Paragon to experience a slightly different version of the game.

Predecessor is planned to go into alpha testing on PC in March 2019 according to a video released in November 2018. The game is reworking elements and Paragon‘s controversial card system as well. More info about the Paragon remake can be found at the game’s official site.

While Predecessor uses assets from Paragon, it is not a plug-and-play affair for the developer. One of the game’s developers, RGSACE, recently published a video going over the characters that will be in the game’s March alpha test. Individual models, animations and other assets needed to be strung together with brand new sound effects to bring each character into Predecessor. Omeda Studios has been working diligently to recreate Paragon‘s heroes and their individual movesets in Predecessor.

The development studio plans to bring all of Paragon‘s heroes into Predecessor, although only a handful will be available during the game’s March alpha. A Discord server has the latest updates and news regarding Predecessor.