Paragon Assets Worth $12 Million Now Free to All Developers

Epic Games has taken the phrase ‘sharing is caring’ to a whole other level today, announcing that its Paragon assets worth $12 million are now free to all Unreal Engine developers out there who are interested. This is a huge move for Paragon, as with these assets developers will be able to use their own imagination and tools to further the legacy of Paragon and the potential it left behind. Paragon first debuted back in 2016, allowing fans of the game to have at least two years of fun activities with friends before Epic Games will ultimately shut it down on April 26th this year in order to focus on Fortnite.

Epic Games further reiterated that with the sharing of the game’s assets, it would allow developers to build on their own creative works. According to GamesIndustry.Biz, the Paragon assets are free to download from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, and Epic Games promises to be releasing more Paragon asset packs throughout the summer.

What’s more, “the engine provider estimates that more than $12m worth of assets are on offer,” including that of character models, animations, skins, VFX and dialogue for all twenty hero characters that fans have come to know and love. What also will be included is over “1,500 environment components from Paragon’s various maps, as well as a sample map for testing purposes.”

It’s most definitely a bittersweet move for Epic Games, parting from assets its cherished and crafted for Paragon. But it does come with some benefits, particularly for the Unreal Engine users that decide to take these new assets on as the idea is that Unreal Engine 4 users will able to use the assets from Paragon to test their own concepts, particularly if they plan to make similar characters, systems, and environments.

In other Epic Games news, however, Fortnite still continues to dominate the video game world – becoming the number one iPhone app in 47 countries.