The PUBG Report app shows you whether you were just killed by a streamer

The next time you get domed in PUBG, you just might be able to have a look to see if you were killed by a famous streamer. A new PUBG Report app sends match reports alerting you to who was just killed in a match, whether it be you getting murdered or unwittingly killing a big-time streamer.

The way PUBG Report works is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is enter your in-game name and the report will tell you whether you’ve killed or been killed by a streamer in the last two weeks. It does this by using data from matches that are linked to Twitch streams, meaning that isolating any kills that you participated in is pretty straightforward.

If you have played a role in any Twitch clips, they’ll show up, and you can watch them as many times as you like. Though, after the two weeks are up, that data will disappear, so make sure you save anything you like.

At the moment, PUBG Report is only accessible for PC players, though the community developer is planning to introduce console support in the near future and similar support for streams using Mixer are also in the works. The notes also say that you’ll be able to search for names that aren’t included in the autocomplete feature soon, suggesting you’ll be able to see reactions from smaller streamers as well.

It sounds like a nifty little add-on to see what impact you’ve had on players, or just to check if you a least made a big name streamer sweat a little. It’s not the only way that PUBG is branching out, though. A “Lite” version of PUBG has been announced that’ll be free-to-play and support low-end PCs. Obviously, the Lite version sacrifices some assets that you’d see in the original title, but it’s still a nice way of giving players with a basic PC a way of trying out the game.