Cube World, the long-dormant RPG, is apparently not dead as developer releases new screenshots

Cube World is still alive and kicking as the game’s developer debuted some previously unreleased screenshots over the weekend. The voxel-based exploration RPG received an alpha way back in 2013 but became unavailable for purchase in 2015. These screenshots show new content in the game and have fueled speculation that it is coming back.

Wolfram von Funck, the main developer of Cube World, released five screenshots from the game over on his Twitter account. The new screenshots are the first tweets from von Funck since July 2017; over a year and a half ago. They showed a familiar interface and graphical design, but a number of new features. Flying using eagles, “Shrines of Life” and a gem trading gnome are shown in the new images.

However, von Funck did not provide any further information regarding Cube World and its protracted development. Anybody who purchased Cube World between July 2013 and July 2015 can still download and play the game. However, no new updates have come to the game since late July 2013.

Von Funck has received a lot of flak over the years for his silence. The project quickly gained popularity in July 2013 as a mish-mash of Minecraft and Legend of Zelda. The game takes the procedurally-generated and voxel-based style of Minecraft and then overlays a procedural questing system and action-adventure trappings on top. Regular blog posts and video updates for Cube World ended in 2014 without much explanation.

Since then, von Funck has apparently been slowly developing Cube World as a side project. Von Funck has shown off or teased new dungeons, classes, weapon types, and quests on Twitter. Cube World moved to a 64-bit engine by April 2017, and a number of features were reworked.

Now that von Funck posted new screenshots, fans are eager to see more from the game. The game’s subreddit exploded with activity, and von Funck’s Tweets gained thousands of likes. Cube World development might go dark again, but at least we know it’s still happening.