Capcom 2018 profits nearly doubled their revenue

A report on Capcom 2018 profits showed that the Japanese-based video game developer has nearly doubled their profits in a single year. The figures from a nine-month period leading up to December 31, 2018, show that their operating income amounted to a total of $122.4 million. That makes for an increase of 92% when compared to the numbers of the previous year, making 2018 one of the most successful years yet for the company behind Mega Man and many other beloved franchises.

Like many Japanese game companies, Capcom has dipped their toe in the world of pachinko and other similar amusements. However, the vast majority of Capcom 2018 profits were, unsurprisingly, brought in by their video game releases for the year. According to their financial report, amusements (pachinko and the like) brought in just under $30 million and arcade operations brought in a little under $73.5 million. Both of these figures pale in comparison to the $434.8 million brought in by “digital contents”—that is to say, video games on PC and consoles.

Chief to their success was Monster Hunter World, a game that had sold 10 million units by August 2018 and greatly exceeded Capcom’s expectations for the game. Monster Hunter World has since added another million sales on top of that, making it not only a roaring success but the most successful Capcom game in history. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Mega Man 11 also made strong contributions to Capcom 2018 profits, with sales of Onimusha stated to be “off to a good start”.

Capcom 2018 profits were the best yet for the company, and now a longtime developer is flush with revenue for the coming year. They’ve continued to put out great content for Monster Hunter World and the recent release of the Resident Evil 2 remake is sure to make 2019 a great year for them as well. It will be exciting to see what they have in store next.