Wargroove players using map editor to remake Advance Wars and other classics

Crafty players are using the map making toolkit found in the new tactical, turn-based game Wargroove to recreate campaign maps from classic strategy games. Developed and published by Chucklefish LimitedWargroove launched on February 1 but has already found a dedicated fanbase. Thanks to the game’s intuitive map editor players have begun to craft homages to older tactical titles such as Advance Wars for the Game Boy Advance.

Wargroove Advance Wars Map

Wargroove certainly isn’t the first game to give players in-engine tools, but Chucklefish were intent on making the process as accessible as possible. Behind the simplicity of the map editor is a robust system which will also allow players to craft their own cutscenes and create campaigns. These projects are available through the game’s custom content menu where players can find both single and multiplayer maps. After the download is complete, the creations are seamlessly inserted into the game’s standard menus

The game’s subreddit is a hive of creative activity with users sharing their lovingly crafted homages to a variety of games and films. Titles such as Age of Empires, DOTA, and even Pokémon have all received the Wargroove treatment. One user has gone so far as to use the game’s cutscene editor to recreate this somewhat infamous Star Wars scene.

Reddit user HalcyonsGlory has compiled a complete collection of all thirty-four of Advance Wars maps as made in Wargroove. The maps will eventually be playable, however, some elements of the original game will be lost in translation. The Wargroove engine doesn’t allow for units to be placed on tiles already occupied by structures for example.

Wargroove Puppy Bowl

Wargroove‘s editor tools are also being used to create entirely new experiences. Another Reddit user has used the game’s dog soldiers to make Puppy Bowl, a 1v1 football simulation. While others still are using the cutscene editor to create non-combat scenarios which will play out like comedy skits.

Wargroove has proved to be a financial success for Chucklefish. The company released a short statement on Feburary 3 thanking fans for making the game a success, having already covered the cost of development.

With such an engaged fanbase and a strong launch week, the future looks bright for Wargroove. The game is available on Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out our review here.