Kingdom Hearts 3 sales hit 5 million worldwide, making it the fastest-selling game in the series

Kingdom Hearts 3 sales have already surpassed records set by previous titles in the series, hitting the 5 million units sold mark after a little over a week of its worldwide release. The much-anticipated game comes after a staggering 13-year gap between mainline titles, though that gap saw a slew of spin-offs released to expand the game’s universe, and help confuse us all just that little bit more.

The record set by Kingdom Hearts 3 includes both physical and retail purchases, the former seeing the game topple Resident Evil 2 to head up the charts this week. And while the record also refers to copies of the game being shipped to retailers along with those bought by customers, it doesn’t feel like it’ll bother Square Enix and Disney that much.

And while the record does include shipped copies of the game, Kingdom Hearts 3 has managed to bring in a quick return in customer-sales, something that’s not all that surprising. Fair enough, the buzz surrounding the game will have played a part, though the move to include the game for Xbox One surely played a part in those figures as well, with fans who may not have picked up a PS4 in this console generation having the opportunity rejoining the series without having to splash out for a new console.

Given the extra platform release, which marked the first time a Kingdom Hearts title had released as a multi-platform game, it’s no shock that the title managed to hit the 5 million mark faster than any other titles in the series. The release of the game has absolutely smashed records from other titles in the series though. The nearest figure we see to matching Kingdom Hearts 3 is the 6.3 million copies shipped throughout the entire lifespan of the first Kingdom Hearts game on the PS2, followed up by Kingdom Hearts 2‘s units shipped figures which hit around 5.2 million since arriving on the PS2 in 2006. The spin-off titles all only managed to reach between 1.2 and 1.7 million copies in their respective lifetimes. (Via VGChartz)