New Xbox One Sport Red wireless controller coming soon

Microsoft revealed a brand-new special edition Xbox One controller earlier today. The new Xbox One sport red wireless controller is the latest in the Xbox controller Sport Series, following last year’s Sport White controller.

Microsoft showed off the special edition controller on today’s Inside Xbox stream. In a press release, the company described the controller as “inspired by the world of activewear and sports lifestyle.” The Xbox One Sport Red controller features metallic red and silver accents, and a metallic red D-pad. The controller’s backside features a rubberized grip for increased comfort and grip over long play sessions.

Microsoft said the controller will come with a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass in certain regions. The controller will be available for $69.99 starting on March 5. Pre-orders for the Xbox One sport red controller start today.

A matching special edition controller charging stand comes along with the special edition controller. The Sport Red Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand is an exact color and material match to the new controller. These charging stands are compatible with all Xbox wireless controllers and are going on sale May 1. The charging dock will retail for $49.99.

As with other Xbox One controllers, this new special edition device features Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Microsoft Windows 10 supports Bluetooth Xbox One controllers natively, as does Samsung Gear VR. The Xbox One controller has become the device of choice for many PC gamers, as its native Windows support makes it incredibly easy to use.

Microsoft updated their standard Xbox One in mid-2015. The revised controller added the 3.5mm headphone jack and updated the mechanism for shoulder bumpers. A number of other minor changes made it a better device overall. Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller builds on that further with paddles along the backside of the controller, more customization options, and sturdier build quality. Microsoft’s new Xbox One Sport Red controller adds to their expansive range of custom and special edition controllers.