Kingdom Hearts 3 sales top Resident Evil 2 in US PlayStation Store January charts

It seems that Kingdom Hearts 3 sales did just enough for the series finale to take the top spot in the US PlayStation Charts for January. Along with Kingdom Hearts‘ victory, there were a few other notable top spots across the different categories for the charts.

It seems that January was always going to come down to either Resident Evil 2 or Kingdom Hearts 3 taking the top spot, with both games being on a lot of players’ wish lists. It wasn’t too long ago that we reported that the RE2 1-Shot Demo hit one million downloads after just four days, while Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting around 13 years for the third installment to arrive. It seems that the droves of fans waiting to get some closure on the series made all the difference, with Kingdom Hearts 3 sales seeing the game shoot to the top of the January charts, despite being released at the tail-end of the month.

Resident Evil 2 came in at second place, and while there aren’t any figures for the chart, it seems likely that there wasn’t much between first and second place. Somehow, after being released six years ago, Grand Theft Auto V still managed to take third place in the January charts which is baffling. There wasn’t any room for PlayStation exclusives in the PS4 games chart for January though, with Battlefield 5 sneaking in at number ten, just before the PlayStation 4 Edition of Minecraft.

The PSVR charts saw Beat Saber continue its dominance in the charts, extending its run as the most downloaded PSVR game in 2018 over to the early stages of 2019. Meanwhile, the free-to-play category saw Realm Royale take top-spot for January, just ahead of Fortnite. Realm Royale recently moved to an open beta phase, which could be behind its recent popularity.

(Via PlayStation Blog)