Anthem endgame details emerge before release

BioWare has detailed the Anthem endgame content and ongoing updates that will come to the game. The content at the end of Anthem‘s main story is key to ensuring players stick around for the long haul, and BioWare has a number of ideas to keep fans engaged.

The developer detailed the Anthem endgame in a blog post today. For starters, the game will be updated through “Acts” and each act will run for an unspecified amount of time. Acts are supposed to further Anthem‘s story, add new locations, features, and character interactions. The first Act begins in March and will end during a limited-time event known as a Cataclysm.

Cataclysms are world-changing events that bring extreme weather, dangerous enemies, and mysteries to the game. They are the unpredictable world-changing events that will be seen at certain times in the game. These events can cause changes to the landscape that will reveal new areas and mysteries to players. High-level gear is available to players who participate in these events. BioWare teased that future acts will bring major changes to the game.

Anthem‘s level cap is 30, although there is high-level gear that can make your characters stronger. It’s unclear exactly how this high-level and rare gear will work, but it might work similarly to Destiny‘s Light and Power level. New and better gear can be earned by playing a range of content in the game.

Playing content at higher difficulties is one way the game is aiming to be more replayable. The highest difficulty level is Hard before reaching level 30, but three levels of Grand Master difficulty are unlocked after hitting that threshold. The higher the difficulty level, the better the chance of acquiring the best gear.

Crafting is another option for getting the best equipment in the game. Different objectives net you crafting blueprints and materials to create the powerful equipment described in blueprints. Contracts and the more difficult legendary contracts are other components to the Anthem endgame. Factions throughout Fort Tarsis will offer players contracts that can net high-level gear upon completing legendary contracts.

Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges will be found in the game. Challenges are a good way to earn material for crafting blueprints and reset on a regular basis.

Strongholds are the final piece in the Anthem endgame puzzle. Strongholds are longer, fixed missions featuring tough enemies in unique areas. They’re raids but have a fun name.

BioWare also noted again that new content will continue coming to the game over time. Anthem releases on February 22 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.