You can now overclock your Nintendo Switch, improving its performance

A new hack enables overclocking of the Nintendo Switch. We wouldn’t recommend attempting the hack, however, though it does let users control the clock speed of the Switch if they so desire. Put simply, this allows the upping of performance in undocked mode as well as potentially improving battery life by lowering clock speeds.

The hack called “Freebird” was created by Switch hacker JK_ and posted by user LordOfChaos on NeoGAF. In the post, the user themselves notes that “clock control would be more accurate”. The hack only allows you to control the clock speeds already available on the Switch not go beyond them. The hack has other limits too. You must be in docked mode, which would nullify one of the perceived benefits, or be using an official Nintendo charger. So, you’ll have difficulty taking your newly “overclocked” Switch on your commute.

The appeal of overclocking Nintendo Switch devices and other hacks like this one isn’t too surprising. Players are eager for the Switch to break out of its performance issues. They love the form factor and want to play as many games as possible on it. Games which require a lot of processing power have sometimes taken the risky jump to the platform, sometimes leaving players with a litany of performance problems, such as stuttering. It is these performance concerns that lead to constant speculation over whether games series are remaining on the Switch or coming to the Switch.

Unfortunately, players and hackers should maybe be careful what they wish for when it comes to performance. Nintendo has to balance performance with battery life when it comes to handheld mode. The technology to provide a high-end handheld experience which offers more than dismal battery life has yet to come around. In the meantime, there are plenty of games that are made for the Switch to look forward to in 2019.