A Tetris Effect demo is going live for a limited time only

If you haven’t had a chance to try out Tetris Effect, you’ll get the perfect opportunity this weekend because a free Tetris Effect demo is available from February 8. The only catch is that it’ll only be available until Monday, February 11 before you’re kicked off.

This is a full-blown timed demo, similar to the 1-Shot Demo for Resident Evil 2, meaning two things. Once the date hits February 11, the demo is done and dusted. And the second asterisk for the demo is that players will have to be online whenever you play the demo so that the time limit can be policed. Though if you like what you play of the game, you can get a 25 percent discount throughout the demo’s lifespan, which means that you can pick Tetris Effect up for around $30.

The demo will give players access to three levels from the game’s Journey Mode, which is basically the campaign mode of the game. You’ll be treated to some delightful music and background visuals as you go about playing the game. Given that there are a total of 27 stages in the full game, the three separate levels should give you a good idea of what the whole experience offers.

You’ll also get to try out two of the different “Effect” modes in the game. These are game modes based on different themes or rules for you to play under. There are quite a few of these varieties in the full game, though the demo will only give you access to the Marathon mode, which tasks you with setting the best score with a 150-line limit. and Mystery mode, which follows the same rules as Marathon mode but throws in random effects throughout the game.

The Tetris Effect demo can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and will run from February 8 to February 11.