Rocket League Friends Update makes cross-platform play easier

A brand-new Rocket League Friends update is hitting all platforms on February 19, 2019. While true cross-platform play on Rocket League has been available since January, it isn’t yet as fully-featured or easy to use as it should be. This is about to change thanks to the upcoming Friends update, however. From February 19 (pending first-party certification), you will be able to create and join cross-platform parties on Rocket League, no matter whether you play on PC, Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch

According to the official Rocket League website, you will be able to easily find and play with and against friends in cross-platform parties soon. One of the main features being added is the Friends List. After the update goes live, you will see a brand-new Friends List tab on the main menu. “Here you’ll be able to see the online status of all of your Rocket League friends regardless of their platform. The Friends List is split into four tabs: Friends, RocketID, Recent Players, and Alerts.”

You will see “online friends on all other platforms” under the RocketID tab, however. The new Friends tab will show friends on your current platform. “After the update, every player will be auto-assigned a RocketID, which will be your username followed by four randomly-generated numbers.” Thankfully, you will be able to the word section of your RocketID at any time.

The Recent Players tab will show a list of players you recently played against or with. It will now be easier to shoot a friend request or invite to that player who truly understood your tactics after the update. The Alerts tab, meanwhile, will contain every player interaction you have made. Be that friend requests, party invites, or Club invites. After the update, Clubs will be cross-platform as well.

On top of all this, Snow Day, Rumble, Dropshot, and Hoops will all be added to Free Play. The Friends update also signals the end of Competitive Season 9 and the beginning of Season 10. Be sure to level up plenty in order to reach the Gold tier or above before then!

Unfortunately, there are some casualities as a result of the changes. The planned in-game event for February has been canceled. Double XP and Double Painted drop-rates are coming, though. Be sure to play between March 7 and March 11, 2019, for these.