Rocket League Cross-Play on PS4 has been announced but cross-platform parties are still MIA

Platforms are no longer a barrier to you and your friends playing football with cars, hooray! That’s right, Rocket League Cross-Play support has been announced for PlayStation players, meaning you can rev up and kick off with your mate with a Switch or your chum with an Xbox. An update for the game is also on its way that’ll let players create cross-platform parties, meaning you can chat with other players on the game regardless of the console you’re playing on.

The latest addition to the PlayStation Cross-Play program, which consists of Fortnite and Minecraft before today, was something that developer Psyonix has been fighting for a while. The developer said that the announcement was an important one because ‘we know how much our community has wanted full cross-platform support for quite some time.’

The next time you play Rocket League, the Cross-Play function will be activated automatically. However, if you want to check that it’s working or if you want to switch it off, all you need to do is go into the options menu and find the Cross-Play option in the Gameplay tab, then simply check or uncheck the box depending on who you want to play with.

We’ll still have to wait a while before we can chat with players on other platforms, but Psyonix has assured players that it’s a function that will be in the game. The developer has said that an update will be introduced in the near future that will allow players to chat to one another regardless of the platform they’re playing on. As for when this update will arrive or what else will be coming, we don’t know but Psyonix has promised that “more information coming soon.”

Rocket League means that the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta program consists of three, that’s right, three whole games that players can team up in. Fortnite players seemingly proved to be the deciding factor in Sony’s decision to open up cross-play games, with the company being openly against the model before Microsoft and Nintendo announced cross-play for Fortnite.