Fire Emblem Three Houses release date and details revealed

We finally got a good look at Fire Emblem Three Houses during today’s Nintendo Direct. In the series’ first outing on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll get a chance to be a professor, mold your class into capable warriors and join one of the three houses which control the land of Fodlan. In addition to the new info, we even got a Fire Emblem Three Houses release date, and it’s not too far in the future.

The three houses in Fire Emblem Three Houses’ title refers to the factions at the Officer’s Academy. Each house stems from one of the three empires that control the continent of Fodlan.

The three houses are:

  • The Black Eagles, headed by Edelgard von Hræsvelgr of the Ardrestian Empire
  • The Golden Deer, led by Claude von Regan of the Leicester Alliance
  • The Blue Lions, commanded by Dimitri Alexandre Bladud of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus

The academy is located in a neutral section of land in the center of Fodlan that is held by the Church of Seiros. The Church of Seiros is the religion of the continent, and thus the academy and surrounding territory are open to citizens from all three empires.

The role of the professor in Fire Emblem Three Houses puts you in charge of a class of prospective young nobles who are looking to gain the experience necessary to lead troops in battle. You’ll command them through mock battles and real ones as they grow in strength and confidence. The social bond system seems more involved this time around, and different classmates can bond and have social encounters outside of battle.

It’s also up to you to choose each student’s curriculum. This is how you specialize characters and meld them into the fighters you desire. There are still many details that have yet to be shared by Nintendo, but we’ll get a chance to find them out sooner rather than later. Fire Emblem Three Houses releases on July 26, 2019, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.