Detective Pikachu trailer shows off its beautiful version of Lickitung

We don’t want you heading off into the weekend without a reminder that Detective Pikachu has a movie coming soon. To make sure that doesn’t happen, Warner Bros. released a new ad for the movie. The Detective Pikachu trailer also gives us a glimpse of Lickitung, giant tongue and all.

In the new half-minute spot for the Detective Pikachu movie, we see more of Ryan Reynolds’ titular detective Pikachu. Alongside him is the human character Tim played by Justice Smith. We also see Lickitung for a brief shot, unraveling its massive tongue for our protagonists.

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu showed off the movie’s bizarrely realistic take on Pokemon. Mr. Mime, also seen in this new ad, has a kickball texture on its shoulders. Other Pokemon looked more or less like themselves, with the Fire Pokemon Charizard getting scales and an angrier, reptilian visage. Pikachu looks adorably cuddly with his soft fur along with a number of other Pokemon that also show up in this latest Detective Pikachu trailer.

Lickitung in the games

Now, Lickitung in the games and anime is concerning enough as it is. According to the Pokedex, Lickitung average at just under four feet tall and weigh in at 144.4 pounds. The pink creature has a tongue that has been described as “almost seven feet long” in Pokemon Yellow and of being able to manipulate objects like an arm. The tongue of a Lickitung is also covered in gooey saliva that can cause a tingling sensation or even paralysis. Later games in the series suggest that Lickitung’s massive tongue is connected to its tail, as extending the tongue can retract its tail.

Lickitung first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue and is reprising its role as a creepy, weird Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu movie. The movie is based on the 3DS game of the same name, featuring a talking Pikachu and human companion solving mysteries together. Keep an eye out for it in the full ad below.

Lickitung game art from Bulbapedia