Devil May Cry 5 Dante voice actor shot at 6 times

Devil May Cry 5 Dante voice actor Reuben Langdon has been shot at while working in Guatemala. The voice actor was unhurt despite being shot at six times. Langdon was in the country filming a documentary called Vision of the Ages. The actor seemed in good spirits when he tweeted out a joke about his experience in his first public statement on the matter:

The DMC5 voice actor followed with a tweet stating: “All is good, I’m fine but the car needs some love.” In the background of the image attached to his first tweet, a gunshot hole is visible in the car door.

Langdon’s second tweet includes a link to a Facebook video explaining the experience in more depth:

In the video posted on Steve Copeland’s page, the men involved in the incident point out where bullets hit the car. Steve Copeland, who is speaking for much of the video, explains a bullet hit the back of the seat Reuben Langdon was sitting in. Langdon explained he had felt like he had been hit. Early in the video, the men state that the shooter was trying to get at Reuben Langdon in the front seat of the car.

Reuben Langdon has carried out voice acting and motion capture for several entries in the Devil May Cry series. The actor also voices Ken Masters in Street Fighter IV. Langdon later posted a trailer for the “Vision of the Ages” documentary to show why he was in Guatemala. The documentary is a critique of the current system of nation-states in the world stating, “the nation-state is approaching irrelevancy” and “the future is borderless and governed digitally.”

Devil May Cry 5 sees Capcom return to the original series following Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry. The game is slated to be released on March 8 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.