New Square Enix RPG to be called LAST IDEA

Square Enix new RPG is set to be revealed soon. The game will be called LAST IDEA. Information about the game is thin on the ground, however, more details appear to be on the way. The official LAST IDEA Twitter page finally posted a tweet earlier today following the registering of the account in October 2018. The account tweeted, “SQUARE ENIX’s new game『LAST IDEA ラストイデア』official Verified account.”

According to a Gematsu tweet, Square Enix will be revealing LAST IDEA soon and the game’s website will be at Gematsu previously reported on the registering of a “Last Idea” trademark by Square Enix towards the end of last year, also noting the coincidental appearance of the Twitter account. An account we now know is the official LAST IDEA Twitter page. The outlet also notes that an illustrator of smartphone games “@umaiyo_puyoman” currently follows the account.

Fans responded to the news by speculating about the details of Square Enix new RPG and there was a common thread. A user on Reddit commented “Probably another mobile gacha game. There is an upcoming hyped up gacha game called Last Cloudia in Japan. This ‘Last Idea’ name choice was probably chosen just to get into the same search algorithm on Google Play and Appstore.” A Twitter user added, “sounds like gacha.” Gacha are capsule-toy vending machines in Japan. Japanese video games have adapted the concept, creating free-to-play mobile games which feature loot box-like transactions.

LAST IDEA appears to be a new IP for Square Enix, however, we recently looked into why the Japanese game giant has failed to take advantage of the huge franchises it already has. Alongside their registering of the LAST IDEA trademark, Square Enix recently caught attention for its “HD2D” trademark. The trademark aims to protect the unique art-style of Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler.