Resident Evil 2 Mr. X mod puts the Tyrant in a thong and flip flops

The Tyrant is a scary guy. Even calling him Mr. X doesn’t reduce the spine-tingling fear that players feel when the hulking mutant turns a corner into their path. A new mod has provided some reprieve for scaredy-cats everywhere. Mr. X in a thong. We didn’t know we needed it but now the Resident Evil 2 Beachboy X mod has provided us with an endless opportunity silly screenshots and memes. Throughout the game, the imposing presence of Mr. X leaves players constantly on the edge but, in this Mr. X mod, he looks ready to make a fashion statement and scare you in a whole new way.

According to PC Gamer, the Resident Evil 2 Beachboy X mod gives the strapping Tyrant a set of shades, some flip flops, and a thong (complete with an interestingly positioned Umbrella logo). The Beachboy X mod can be downloaded here.

The modding community hasn’t stopped there, however. If a near-naked tyrant just looking to catch some rays isn’t enough, another mod adds the classic DMX song “X Gon’ Give it to Ya”. The tune gives Mr. X’s impending approach a rather different vibe. If you want a glimpse at Mr. X’s cheeky transformation, you can watch YouTuber Residence of Evil play the mod below:

Depending on your take on Beachboy X, you may or may not want our guide on hiding from the chiseled tyrant, we’ve got one anyway. Same goes for our guide on how to take down the game’s line-up of bosses, which now includes Super Beachboy Tyrant.

Aside from Mr. X’s shenanigans, the Resident Evil 2 Remake gained rave reviews for its updated take on Capcom’s 1998 title. Our review asked if the game was, in fact, “the perfect Resi game?” Adding, “Whether you’re a long time fan or a newcomer, Resident Evil 2 remake is an absolutely fantastic game.”