Deltarune PS4 release date announced

The Deltarune PS4 release date has been announced. The game was originally released for the PC back in October of 2018 by Undertale creator Toby Fox. While many fans had hoped for a proper sequel to the game, Deltarune instead seems to be more of an alternate universe story—according to our analysis of the title, anyway. It came out on PC shortly after the Undertale Nintendo Switch port released and Deltarune was soon announced to be making its way to Nintendo’s console as well. We now know that this game will also be launching for the PS4, too!

If you haven’t had the chance to play Undertale, you’ll probably want to do it before hopping into this side story of sorts. The Deltarune PS4 release date is in line with that of the Nintendo Switch: February 28, 2019. That gives you a solid week to experience the original game in all of its glory. Undertale also happens to be on sale in the PlayStation Store and on the Nintendo eShop for 33 percent off, bringing it roughly in line with its $9.99 price point on Steam and other digital retailers of PC games.

Deltarune isn’t quite a direct sequel to Undertale, although it does feature many familiar characters and the same quirky style of humor that fans have come to love and expect from Toby Fox’s cult classic.

The announcement of the Deltarune PS4 release date has received no shortage of hype and Undertale continues to be a game that is appreciated by many who have played it. You can get an idea of what it’s all about by watching the surreal Announce Trailer below. (Disclaimer: there are not actually that many dogs in the game.) Deltarune‘s opening chapter will launch for free on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch on February 28, 2019. More chapters will follow at a later date, although those won’t be free.