Fortnite players are not happy about soccer skin ‘try-hards’

A recurring trend has been causing some players grief in the monumentally popular Fortnite. To celebrate the 2018 World Cup, Fortnite is allowing players to wear a variety of soccer-themed skins to show off their sport. While for some this has been a great way to express themselves using the vanity items, others have rallied around disapproval of the gear, dubbing anyone who uses it a “try-hard.”

The soccer skins in question, officially dubbed Fortnite Super Striker, have become rapidly popular due to their customizable nature, allowing players a degree of freedom of expression not usually found in other Fortnite skins. These options include the choice to adjust the number on the back of the soccer jersey and even tweak the overall design of the item.

According to Fortnite gossip heard by Polygon, the disdain for this gaudy jerseys began when the item first became available through the game’s store and was picked up by multiple big name streamers. This gave the item a kind of clout which then became the goal of many of these streamers fans. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So when your average player began wearing the customizable gear the general perception of such a player was that they were trying too hard.

Word around the fort is that because of this, those who wear the jersey had developed a bit of a chip on their shoulder, leading them to play the game much more aggressively and in a very unsportsmanlike manner. In turn, social media and YouTube has been flooded with naysayers who share jokes about these other players, leading to some pretty extreme salty takes.

This reputation makes it unlikely that we’ll see many players wearing the controversial skin in the upcoming Fortnite World Cup 2019, which features a staggering prize pool of $100,000,000.